Asia is the epicenter of CML EurAsia’s PCB sourcing.

Being globally the largest fabless PCB provider, the company makes sure that a high dose of industry experts, serving their customers, is located within the powerhouse of Chinese economy - The Pearl River Delta.

As mentioned by Mr. Langer, CML EurAsia’s Sales & Marketing Director, around 70% of all Chinese Printed Circuit Boards are manufactured here. Most of our partner factories are located in this area. We reach them within a drive of 1-4 hours from our Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

The Pearl River delta is home to 120 Mio people (1.5 times the population of Germany). Right at the heart of it, in Shenzhen, we decided to open a new office. Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities in the world - once a small fishing village, now, a city with a population of over 10 Mio. The proximity to our partner factories and to our head office in Hong Kong makes it an ideal hub for our Technical and Quality teams, positioning them very close to the action where all our boards are produced, Mr. Langer says.

No matter whether we are on-site at our partner factories or off-site conducting business, CML has only one goal:

Making it convenient for customers to source high quality PCBs from Asia. We provide a sourcing experience that is best described as buying PCB’s from just around the corner.

CML EurAsia has been on-the-ground in Asia for many years with about 100 staff.

The engagement with our customers rewarded us with growth rates beyond the industry growth rate. The expectations of our customers are high. To keep up with this situation and to further improve the support were the motivating factors for the new office in Shenzhen.

From this office, CML EurAsia provides resources such as:

  • Embedded yield improvement engineers
  • On-site QA engineers
  • SCM controller
  • Quality auditors
  • Engineering teams for data conformance checks

These are just a few examples showing that reliable sourcing needs careful planning, an on-the-ground multicultural bouquet of PCB experts and relentless efforts to remain a leading company in the field of “Supplying PCBs from Asia”.

In closing, Mr. Langer said “A clear code of conduct published on our website provides peace of mind to CML customers, employees and partner factories that our integrity and values of doing business in Asia fulfill the stringent requirements set by the management.”

The Grand Opening was held on September 6, 2013 and marks another CML milestone manifesting the company’s importance as a partner to be reckoned with today and in the years to come.